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Berwick-upon-Tweed is celebrating 900 years of history … and everyone’s invited!


In 1115 the future King David I of Scotland gave a charter to the monks of Selkirk Abbey granting  “a plowgate of land in Berwick, one house below the church of St. Lawrence, extending to the Tweed, the one half of a fishery, the seventh part of a mill and forty shillings out of the yearly revenue of the town".  

This is the first official document referring to the town and within ten years Berwick had gained the status of a royal burgh of Scotland, along with Ediburgh, Stirling and Roxburgh.

1115 marks the beginning of Berwick’s “Golden Age” as Scotland’s richest town and greatest seaport, which is the reason for selecting 2015 as the year to celebrate the nine centuries of often turbulent history that made Berwick the unique place it is today.

Who is organising Berwick 900?

The Berwick 900 Festival programme is planned and organised by a voluntary committee that includes representatives of community organisations in Berwick-upon-Tweed, The Guild of Freemen and members of Berwick Town Council, working with the organisers of the various festivals held in the town each year.

We aim to raise awareness of Berwick’s unique history and cultural heritage, generate pride in our local communities and attract visitors to Berwick throughout 2015 and beyond.